Ombre Striped with Rainbow Bunting
Ombre Striped with Rainbow Bunting

Ombre Striped with Rainbow Bunting

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Available sizes:

6": serves 5-8 pax, approx 1kg
8": serves 10-15 pax, approx 1.5kg
10": serves 20-25 pax, approx 2.5kg
12": serves 30-40 pax, approx 4kg

Display picture: Orange ombre with vibrant rainbow bunting and vibrant rainbow sprinkles 

All serving suggestions are recommendations and would ultimately depend on the size of slices served.

Weights are approximations only, please note that premium flavours tend to be slightly heavier

Cakes will come with sprinkles in either matching colours (eg blue or pink) or rainbow sprinkles.

Product images are samples only, please note that slight variations in design may occur as all bakes are handmade. 

For cakes without the sample colours displayed, please refer to our colour chart here. 

Ordering and Cake Storage

All cakes are best consumed at room temperature. If refrigerated, it needs to thaw for at least 1 hour or until cream is soft to the touch to ensure that it cuts well. 

If cake is to be displayed, it can last in an air con room (at least 18C) for up to 6-8 hours. It is not recommended to display or store cakes without air con, especially under the hot sun. 

Please wait for all the options to load on the form before clicking the Add to Cart button. This is very important as we need to know all the customisation required for the cake! If the options are not loading, please email us to place your order (

Ombre Striped with Rainbow Bunting